DJ Tom Cat - tank top

DJ Tom Cat

Age: Old enough to drink

DOB: October 14, Libra

Hometown: Ibiza, Spain

Talent: Spinning sick beats

Favorite food: Tapas

Talent: This cat loves beach life, and isn’t afraid of water

About: A DJ 24/7, he finds his craft to be his meditation. He’s calm and collected hipster, always drawing a crowd around his chill vibes. He’s got big dreams, like one day spinning his beats at Tomorrowland. He still lives at home with his mother in the family villa, and he loves it. He never has to clean his room and he’s gets to use his trust-allowance. The only way he’d actually venture out to achieve his goals? If a tsunami covered up his beach and swept him inches away from his dreams.

For now, he’s quite settled with his lifestyle, sometimes performing shows somnabulistically, behind his wayfarers.